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Meet the Board


Janelle Vess
2019-2020 Chair

Janelle grew up "just over the mountain" in Campbell County, the daughter of transplanted city folk who feared bugs more than most people fear death. It wasn't until her senior year at JMU that she found her voice, rebelled against the man (and woman) who raised her, and adopted her first dog. Her rebellion grew to include 5 dogs, 3 horses, 2 cats and countless chickens who share the space on her husband's farm in Kerrs Creek. Janelle began participating in the Rockbridge County Fair in 2009, winning blue ribbons for cookies and jam, and joined the board in 2017. Since then she has used every spare minute, and all of her vacation from work, to make our fair something to get the community excited about!

Steve Hart
2019-2020 Vice Chair 

I am the past chairman and current vice-chairman for the board.  I take care of all the dull, boring, and legal required paperwork and records.  My grandparents had a farm where I worked summers as a young boy.  We had gardens and sometimes livestock where ever we could when I was in the Army.  We now have a small farm in Kerr's Creek.  County fairs are part of America like she is supposed to be.  Community does not just happen--it takes lots of hard work by lots of people.  We on the fair board, are community weavers.  We weave together people, fun, food, agriculture, talent, crafts, and neighbors into a wonderful tapestry that is the highlight of late summer and early fall.

Morgan McCown
2019-2020 Secretary

Morgan McCown is the current Secretary and all things social media for the Rockbridge Fair and Expo. Morgan grew up in Rockbridge County and spent lots of time showing in 4-H and FFA. She currently lives on a farm in Rockbridge Baths with her husband and two kids and is passionate about bringing the fair back to its former glory and is excited to see what the future of the Rockbridge Fair and Expo holds! 

Leroy Troxell
2019-2020 Virginia Horse Center Liaison

Leroy is the current liaison between the Fair and the Virginia Horse Center. He was born and raised in Rockbridge County and grew up on a farm. Leroy is passionate about seeing the fair once again a success and standing tall on its own reputation and growth. He hopes to continue cultivating a positive relationship between the fair and VHC, along with our community members. 


Paige Owens
2019-2020 Rockbridge County Public Schools Liason  

My name is Paige Owens.  I am a 1993 graduate of Parry McCluer High School, a 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech, and a 2012 graduate of James Madison University.  I have an amazing wife Marsha Owens and two wonderful children, Keswick Owens and Lauren Owens.  I work as the Supervisor of Career and Technical Education for Rockbridge County Schools.  I serve the Rockbridge Fair and Expo Board by being a liaison between the schools and the fair board.  My goal as a board member is to continue to develop ways to get the students and families of Rockbridge County more involved in the Rockbridge Fair and Expo.  I have a passion for the youth in our county and I want them to be able to experience a fair they can get excited about and most importantly be proud of.