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Meet the Board

Janelle Vess
Fair Director

Janelle grew up "just over the mountain" in Campbell County, and moved to Rockbridge in 2008. She lives on a small horse farm with her husband and their animals. She has participated in the fair's Expo since 2009, and became heavily involved as a volunteer in 2017. Serving as Chair she is the go-to person with any questions or ideas! She is excited to find new ways to connect the community at the fair and all year long!

Robyn Sherman
Melissa Davis
Vice Chair
Gwen Gosney
Megan Sheets
Paige Owens
Rockbridge County Public Schools Liason  

Paige Owens is a 1993 graduate of Parry McCluer High School, a 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech, and a 2012 graduate of James Madison University.  He has an amazing wife Marsha Owens and two wonderful children, Keswick Owens and Lauren Owens.  Paige works as the Supervisor of Career and Technical Education for Rockbridge County Schools and serves the Rockbridge Fair and Expo Board by being a liaison between the schools and the fair board. "My goal as a board member is to continue to develop ways to get the students and families of Rockbridge County more involved in the Rockbridge Fair and Expo.  I have a passion for the youth in our county and I want them to be able to experience a fair they can get excited about and most importantly be proud of."

Dan Lyons
Board Member
Tom Stanley
Board Member
Emily Heizer Hall

Born and raised in Fairfield, Emily has been lending a hand to the fair since 2021. Emily holds a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and enjoys an obstacle when it comes to rebranding and promoting something for the community. "It's not at all what it was when I was growing up, but reinvention takes time, hard work, and patience!" 

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