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Rockbridge Regional Fair & Expo 2023 Art Contest

 2023 Art Contest Winners:
First: Melissa Mejia, Honorable Mentions: Katherine Braford, Blakely Owen, Campbell Bond 
Melissa Mejia.jpg
Katherine Braford.jpg
Blakely Owen.jpg
Campbell Bond.jpg
 2022 Art Contest Winners:
First: Campbell Bond, Second: Maggie Meyers, Third: Melissa Mejia
2022 1st Place by Campbell Bond.jpg
2022 2nd Place Morgan Martin.jpg
2022 3rd Place Melissa Mejia.jpg
1st Place 2021 by Maggie Meyers
Art Winner 2020.jpg
2nd Place 2021 by Caroline Watts
3rd Place 2021 by Kyra Strowbridge
 2021 Art Contest Winners:
First: Maggie Meyers, First: Aine McDermott (2020), Second: Caroline Wats, Third: Kyra Stowbridge
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