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2022 Entertainment
"A Good Thing Growing" at Locher Pavilion in Glasgow
September 8-10, 2022

Luke Whittaker

Luke Whittaker was born out of time and had tapped into the spirit of Bocephus, Waylon Jennings and a gang of renegades from a time gone by. Luke’s lyrics deal with demons, desperation and hope while his melodies will take you to a simpler time. Settled in the fertile soil of Virginia, he has drawn from the well of observation of those who have struggled in life including his own obstacles. As a recording engineer and producer Luke conveyed to me that when we went into the studio he was adamant that we stay true to the sound and the spirit of that time period. I think we achieved that in this project. Luke has found his gift. He can lead you through an old Smokey bar all the way through to the throne of God in roughly three minutes. I suggest you go for the ride."             

--Grammy winning Nashville producer, Ronnie Brookshire 

Thursday, 9/8/22 starting at 6pm

Luke whittaker the outlaw.jpg

The Pickup Band

The Pickup Band is comprised of
Kenton Koty, Gloria, Rocky Smith, Phil Holstein and John Good. They play a mix of Country, Classic Rock and Southern Rock.

Friday, 9/9/22 from 6-9pm

Vinyl Nation

Relive the glory days of “vinyl rock & roll”, fronted by award winning vocalist Christy Bowles formerly of regional favorites Seven Mile Ford.

Saturday, 9/10/22 at TBD

Vinyl Nation.jpg
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